Elevate coaching academy


My name is kendall strampel. I have been in the online coaching space for almost 2 years and helped over 500 women and now I'm taking everything I have learned and experienced and have created a 90 day program to structure your online coaching so that you can, defeat overwhelm, give your clients the best experience and create a scalable online fitness business.  



So What is ELEVATE Coaching academy ?  

Elevate is a 90 day program to help you structure your online coaching business and offer so that you can make a greater impact, a scalable business, and have more financial and personal freedom.  

I want in on this!

This is for you if....

  • You want to Make a greater impact while not being a slave to your laptop
  • You struggle with overwhelm, and feel like you have a million tasks at once and cant get them all done so you half ass them or never complete them 
  • You feel like the structure of your business is messy on the back and and you have documents all over the place.
  • You lack a structured OFFER and Don’t feel confident or aligned with what you want to full provide for your clients ( when you tell them your offer, both you and the client are confused/lost ) 
  • You struggle with coming up with content ideas that don't sound like every other coaches' content ideas  
  • You want to sign client but You don't want to feel "salesly" and will avoid charging what you're worth just so you don't annoy people with high prices
  • You're charging less than $200/month for your programs 
  • You do not have scalable and organized system in place to create the best client experience
  • You avoid putting yourself out there so you can help more people and make a greater impact 
  • You want to know how to structure the back end of your business so you can stay organized and give your clients the BEST experience possible !  


Here's what Elevate will do for you...

Get aligned with an irresistible offer..

Learn how to construct an offer so amazing that people will be begging to work with you and clients will constantly hype you up.

Use strategies to create freedom through systems and processes

Structure your business on the back end so you feel organized, combat overwhelm and can give you client the BEST experience possible.

Sell your dream offer to your dream client

Imagine if you could feel fully aligned and master sales so you can educate and finally have people saying YES to you?

Have people asking how they can work with you

Imagine if people were begging to work with you?! Elevate teaches you how to Uplevel your social media presence and engagement so you can generate more QUALITY leads and sign more clients.

I teach you all about the first steps you need to take in order to get in touch with yourself, to resonate fully with your ideal client so you can level up to attract clients who are DYING to work with you!

I teach you all the steps to creating a successful social media empire in order to get in front of your ideal client who will come to YOU so that you are not cold messaging desperatley searching for the next sale!

I teach you how to set yourself apart from the other coaches out there by setting up a structured program that allows you to run a successful business and community and not be a slave to your laptop!

I teach you all about how to build, price, and set up your program in order to educate and create a sustainable lifestyle for your clients, all while helping you find the confidence to charge what you are WORTH and quit undercharging for your services.

I teach you how to be confident with sales so that you can help your ideal client without feeling sleazy with cold messaging and constant rejection!

I teach you how to grow your client base so you can continue to get people on your side and have successful sold out launches!

I teach you how to create an empire and give your clients the best experience possible by creating smooth processes so you don't have random documents everywhere and feel as if your business is unorganized!

I teach you how to create a sustainable income by doing what you love so you can quit that job you hate and wake up every morning knowing you get to do what you love by educating and serving your clients

I provide you with so much bonus content from how to create your own LLC to managing the legal side of your business from experts in the field!

But wait! There's more!  

This course is a go at your own pace! But what’s cool about it?

  • We have one weekly group call so you can find strength in others struggles and have a strong support system
  • Access to Coach Kendall for questions !
  • 3 One one one calls with coach kendall throughout the program to breakdown your business model and get continued clarity !  


Hi ! My name is kendall Strampel, I have been an online health and fitness coach for the past two years!  

In the first year of my business my team built a multiple 6 figure business. 

While doing so, I was able to automate and create a scalable business, that I felt 110% aligned with. 

Through doing this, I was able to Leave school and my full time job by age 19 to make coaching my full time career. 

I have mastered the back end of my business, and made mistakes that I am now excited to help other online coaches avoid, so they can help more people and we can create a greater impact.

I’m not just teaching my clients how to make money or find clients. I’m teaching them how to build the life of their dreams, at its highest capacity - because we all fucking deserve that. 

Scale your online empire

Create a lifestyle you love and make sustainable income

Don't wait, apply today!